Vampire Survivors – The Snack Food of Video Games

Released on: 17 December 2021 (Early Access) Available Platforms: PC, MacOS Price: $2.99 (CAD and US) Developed by: poncle Published by: poncle It is pretty surprising to see what game makes the rounds online these days. A couple of weeks ago, I started noticing a trend that the VTubers I follow started playing Vampire Survivors:Continue reading “Vampire Survivors – The Snack Food of Video Games”

Shadowverse: Dawn of Calamity – Years Later, Still Thriving.

First Reviewed: March 5 2020 Released on: September 26th 2021 (Dawn of Calamity)(Initial release: June 17 2016 (iOS, Android), October 28 2016 (PC)) Available Platforms: Mobile (iOS, Android), PC, MACOS Price: Free (Has microtransactions, loot boxes and a Battle Pass) Published by: Cygames Developed by: Cygames Today I’m going to try something different. Ironically enough,Continue reading “Shadowverse: Dawn of Calamity – Years Later, Still Thriving.”

Hades – The Underworld Has Never Been This Addictive

Released on: September 17 2020 Available Platforms: Nintendo Switch. PC, macOS Price: $28.99 CAD ($24.99 US) Developed by: SuperGiant Games Developed by: SuperGiant Games With the holiday season approaching, many highly anticipated games are getting ready to make their big debut. Over on Nintendo’s eShop service, a couple of games have staked their claim asContinue reading “Hades – The Underworld Has Never Been This Addictive”

Celeste (Switch) – Platforming… And Symbolism?

Released on: January 25 2018 Available Platforms: PC, Linux, macOS, Playstation 4, XBOXOne, Nintendo Switch Price: $21.99 CDN ($19.99 US) Published by: Matt Makes Games Developed by: Matt Makes Games Occasionally, I like browsing digital storefronts for deals on games. Typically, it’s indie games that get the most significant price cuts during these sales. WhileContinue reading “Celeste (Switch) – Platforming… And Symbolism?”

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