Super Mario World – The Definition of Timeless

Released on: August 23 1991 Available Platforms: Super Nintendo, Game Boy Advance (remake), Wii (Virtual Console), Wii U (Virtual Console), Nintendo 3DS (Virtual Console), Nintendo Switch (with Nintendo Online Subscription) Price: Free (on Nintendo Switch with Nintendo Online Subscription) Published by: Nintendo Developed by: Nintendo Video games have been an essential part of my lifeContinue reading “Super Mario World – The Definition of Timeless”

Mega Man Zero – An Action-Packed Experience Aged Like Fine Wine

Released on: April 26 2002 (GBA), February 25 2020 (Legacy Collection) Available Platforms: Game Boy Advance, Nintendo DS (Zero Collection), Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC (Zero/ZX Legacy Collection) Price: $39.99 CDN ($29.99 US) Published by: Capcom Developed by: Inti Creates From my previous reviews of Mega Man X and 20XX, it is safeContinue reading “Mega Man Zero – An Action-Packed Experience Aged Like Fine Wine”