Monster Hunter World (PS4) – A Gorgeous World Full of Fearsome Beasts

Released: January 26th 2018 (PS4, XBOX One), August 9th 2018 (PC) Available on: PS4, XBOX One, Steam Price: PS4 and XBOX One – $39.99 CDN ($29.99 US) [ Steam – $74.99 CDN ($59.99 US) Publisher: Capcom Developer: Capcom         (Disclaimer: this is a review of Monster Hunter World without the Iceborne expansion.Continue reading “Monster Hunter World (PS4) – A Gorgeous World Full of Fearsome Beasts”

Dauntless (PS4) Review – Discount Monster Hunter

Release Date: September 26th 2019 (Epic Games Store, Ps4, XBOX One) December 10th 2019 (Nintendo Switch) Available on: PC (Epic Games Store), PS4, XBOX One, Nintendo Switch Price: Free (has optional in game microtransations, and a Battle Pass) Publisher: Epic Games Developer: Pheonix Labs         Dauntless is a free to play actionContinue reading “Dauntless (PS4) Review – Discount Monster Hunter”