Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course – Short, But Sweet and Satisfying

Cuphead The Delicious Last Course Cover Art

Released on: June 30, 2022

Available Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, macOS, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch

Price: CAD $9.99 (US $7.99) (Requires Cuphead to play)

Developed by: Studio MDHR Published by: Studio MDHR

Oh boy! Who’s ready for more Cuphead? I’ve eagerly anticipated The Delicious Last Course since its announcement a few years ago. I am a massive fan of the base Cuphead game, and I even looked at the Cuphead Show a few months back. Several significant releases recently made finding time to play the much-anticipated DLC challenging. Nevertheless, I made room in my schedule to explore all the new things the Delicious Last Course brings to the table. Is the Delicious Last Course worth saving room for?

Cuphead The Delicious Last Course Title Screen

In the Delicious Last Course, we join our heroes Cuphead and Mugman, who are on their way to a far-off island at the request of Ms. Chalice. She joins our heroes in her ghost form and offers Mugman a cookie. Unbeknownst to him, the cookie causes him and Ms. Chalice to trade forms. The cookie’s effects are temporary, but she tells our intrepid cups that Chef Saltbaker is looking to create a Wondertart that will bring her back to life permanently. Chef Saltbaker tasks Cuphead, Mugman, and Ms. Chalice to retrieve some unique ingredients needed to make the Wondertart.

As far as the plot is concerned, the Delicious Last Course adds a whole new story from the base Cuphead game. Besides Cuphead, Mugman, and the Legendary Chalice, all of the characters in the Delicious Last Course are new. Yet the story fits into the world of Cuphead beautifully and feels like an appropriate continuation of the base game.

Those that loved the visuals of the base Cuphead game will love those in The Delicious Last Course. I didn’t think the graphics could look more appealing than the base game, but boy, howdy was I proven wrong! The characters are wacky, impressive, and clever. Everything from the attack concepts to the animation on some of these is mind-boggling. I’ve died to a few enemies simply because I was distracted by all the beautiful visuals on screen.

Cuphead The Delicious Last Course Snake Oil
Those snakes are oil. Snake Oil if you will!

The music in the Delicious Last Course, while great in its own right, isn’t as memorable to me as some of the tracks in the base game. In saying that, though, I feel a little bad for the Delicious Last Course, as the base game had a fantastic soundtrack. It would be insane to have music surpass the base game. While I enjoyed the soundtrack of the Delicious Last Course, I had trouble remembering a lot of the music in it.

If more boss rush gameplay is what you seek, then the Delicious Last Course delivers. Instead of making a bunch of optional run and gun levels, Delicious Last Course focuses exclusively on bosses. I didn’t mind Cuphead’s run and gun levels personally, but they are entirely optional other than getting the pacifist achievement and the coins. The bosses they did add to the mix are right up there, with the base game being some of the craziest encounters I’ve seen. Those that loved the bosses in the base Cuphead game will love those in The Delicious Last Course.

Ms. Chalice is the most significant gameplay addition in The Delicious Last Course. If the player equips the Astral Cookie, they get to play as Ms. Chalice. While her base jump isn’t as high as Cuphead or Mugman, and she can’t parry with her jump, she can double jump, has a dodge roll, and use her dash to parry. Using her dash to parry will give Ms. Chalice her second jump back again, extending her airtime. It takes some acclimation to play as Ms. Chalice, but she is a magnificent addition to Cuphead.

Cuphead The Delicious Last Course Mountain Man with bear
What is that mountain man planning to do to that poor bear?

Of course, I can’t forget the King’s Leap: a gauntlet-style series of challenges designed to test the player’s parrying skills. I love these challenges, as it was the perfect opportunity for me to master Ms. Chalice’s dash parry. I also love how each boss is themed after chess pieces. It took me a few tries to clear the gauntlet, but it became an enjoyable challenge once I got the pattern down.

Those who forgot how difficult the base Cuphead game was will be in for a rude reawakening with the Delicious Last Course. Right from the get-go, I got the sense that the DLC assumes the player beat the base Cuphead game, as the bosses are on par with those found in the last world of the main game. I love that they made these bosses so challenging, as they made me look at the visuals much more. Those looking to breeze through The Delicious Last Course will likely get stopped dead in their tracks.

There are new weapons in The Delicious Last Course. While it is nice that they added new tools to the already extensive arsenal, I never ended up using them much. My two weapons of choice in Cuphead are always the Charge Shot and the Spread Shot. There is a new spread shot that fires slower but can reach enemies from further away that I liked, but I found myself sticking with the Spread Shot since I already had an optimal long-ranged weapon in the Charge Shot. I’m sure many other people used the news weapons more than I did, but I found that the ones I’ve used since the beginning work fine for dealing with the new bosses.

This might be my biggest gripe with The Delicious Last course, but I found it to be a little on the short side. While I wasn’t expecting a whole new game out of DLC, I finished it in a few nights. It might be because I played the base Cuphead game to death, but it still felt that it came and went a little too quickly. I see this as the best problem, though, as it just means I want more Cuphead.

The Delicious Last Course was short, but it was worth the wait. The amount of love, care, and attention to detail that went into this extension is insane. The visuals are delightful, the animations are wild, the bosses are crazy, and there is a whole bunch of stuff to see and do on the new island. Those who have the base Cuphead game should add The Delicious Last Course to their game.

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