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Hello everybody! It’s been a while, huh? Some of you are probably wondering where I’ve been. Firstly, I apologize for the long hiatus. The past month was crazy for us. I haven’t had the time to sit down and write reviews. Nevertheless, I played a few games while on my “break .”Without further delay, let’s dive in.

Career Shift

The first big thing that happened was that I recently changed jobs. To put it simply, I’ve been looking for a better source of primary income and, lucky me, I got a new job. The job search is a big proponent of my hiatus. It was stressful having to reorganize my career goals. Ultimately, I hope that this shift provides better benefits and better compensation in general. It will take some time to adjust to the new schedule, but I will try to get reviews out as best as I can.

Expanding Family

Another huge event in my life right is that we are expecting a new child by the end of the year. While it is in the early stages, it is something that we are getting ready for not only physically (like spacial planning and supply checking) but also on a mental level too. The last time we had a newborn, it took a lot of adjustments to our lives as a whole. I am hopeful that it won’t be as jarring of a shift as last time, but if there is one thing I learned from it is that one cannot predict how their life will change when a new member of the family comes.

Material for Reviews

Recently, many high-profile games have been released that I am still making my way through. I’ve been juggling all of the new releases and the old favorites. My goal is to play as many of the games as I can so that I can finally start publishing reviews again. I am already thinking of what to review next, so expect some of those to pop up shortly. The ideas for the reviews are there, just not necessarily the time to write them.

Hopes for the Future

As mentioned, I hope that stuff starts to settle soon so that I can properly sit down and begin writing again. I love writing. It helps me relax, and jotting my thought down is liberating and creatively fulfilling. It might be something I might not have as much time to invest in as I once did, but it is something I want to keep doing.

Closing Thoughts

It might take some time for me to return to the norm of writing reviews within the next month. I will be working on getting some reviews out within the next few weeks in a staggered manner as I settle into my new job. I do want to thank you all for supporting us despite my absence. It does mean the world to me that people still come by to read reviews and articles here on Sergie Reviews.

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