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It’s that time again. Before I wrote reviews, I always like to look back at all the games released that year. 2021 was challenging to say the least. The pandemic is still around, uprooting many people from their routine. This year, I decided to work on my health and went on a weight loss journey. That doesn’t mean I stopped playing video games. I got a new PC that unlocked a world of improvements to my gaming experience. As such, I played several games this year, both new and old.

As far as video games are concerned, 2021 offered its share of ups and downs. We saw game franchises make a triumphant return but also saw the emergence of the cancerous tumor that is crypto. Today, we will focus on the best of the best when it comes to video games. With that out of the way, here are’s nominees for the 2021 Game of the Year:

1. Monster Hunter Rise

According to the year-end hours played statistic on Nintendo’s website, Monster Hunter Rise is my most played game this year. This seems to be on par for me, as not only am I a giant Monster Hunter fan, Rise is an excellent game in its own right. The addition of the Wirebug, the Switch Skills, the improvements made to the world design, and the Palamutes make for one of the best Monster Hunter experiences to date. Within the first week of playing Monter Hunter Rise, I knew it belonged in my 2021 Game of the Year nominee list.

2. Forza Horizon 5

I never thought I would put a racing game in the running for Game of the Year, but here we are. Forza Horizon 5 is a gorgeous game with tons of sights to see, stunts to pull off, and races to win. Sure, the game suffers from technical bugs (especially in the first few weeks of its release), but it is a thrilling and visceral ride when the game gets going. Forza Horizon 5 did what I thought was impossible; it made me look at cars as more than a metal box with wheels. For giving me a greater appreciation of cars in general and for being a phenomenal racing game, it gets a nomination for 2021 Game of the Year.

3. Metroid Dread

Samus returned in 2021 with explosive fury. A strong contender for being the best in the series, Metroid Dread captures the feeling of 2D Metroid games while implementing modern game design ideas expertly. It has an engaging story, action, suspense, beautiful visuals, and secrets galore. Putting Metroid Dread on this list is a no-brainer.

This is it, the moment we’ve been waiting for.’s 2021 Game of the Year is… drum roll, please…


Before going into details as to why Metroid Dread is our 2021 Game of the Year, let me explain where the runner-ups stand.

For bronze, we have Forza Horizon 5. While there are many things to see and do in Forza Horizon 5, there is only so much racing and cars I can take in at once. I do occasionally pop into Forza here and there to go driving, but ultimately, I tend to get bored after about an hour or so. The second reason it gets the bronze medal is that I had to jump through the technical glitches and hoops to install it. It made the first couple of nights with Forza unplayable, lightly souring my experience with it. Even today, I still don’t feel comfortable running it without closing everything else and running it in administrator mode. It is a fantastic racing game when it gets going, but racing gets old for me after a while.

The silver medal goes to Monster Hunter Rise. Longevity is the name of the game when it comes to Monster Hunter. While it is my most played Switch game of the year, the endgame felt a little bare. I did not expect the game to have a Master Rank at launch, but I was hoping for a more robust post-game experience. Granted, they added many events and even a true final boss since my review of Monster Hunter Rise, but once those beasts fell to my Light Bowgun, I felt I needed to find the incentive to keep playing, hence its second-place finish.

It is now time for me to gush about our 2021 Game of the Year winner: Metroid Dread.

Out of all of the games released this year, I struggle to find anything negative about it. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience from the moment I turned the game on to when I saw the credits. The fine folks at Mercury Steam should be proud of what they accomplished with Metroid Dread. After beating the game, I went to bed feeling incredibly satisfied. Thoughts of Metroid’s lore swam through my mind, and I played back all of the game’s challenges in my head like a showcase. It managed to threaten Super Metroid’s “Best in the series” throne. The cherry on the quality sundae is that it constantly calls back to me to play through it again. That is why Metroid Dread is’s 2021 Game of the Year.

Is there a game we potentially missed for our 2021 Game of the Year list? I ask my readers to keep in mind that we only put games we reviewed on our nominations list. If there are any we failed to put on our list, please let us know in the comments below.

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