WarioWare Get It Together – Weird, Wacky and a Whole Lot of Fun!

WarioWare Get It Together box art.

Released on: September 10 2021

Available Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Price: $64.99 CAD ($49.99 US)

Developed by: Intelligent Systems Published by: Nintendo

I enjoy playing a wide variety of games. Sure, there are some genres that I gravitate towards and others I tend to avoid. That said, I try not to write off a game’s quality based on its genre. It is getting harder to try every new release as life tends to take precedence over video games nowadays. It may be why I enjoy shorter experiences more as an adult than the long, eighty-hour games.  One game that’s been understanding of my limited time with video games is WarioWare: Get It Together.

WarioWare is a series I got into when I visited the United States when I was a teenager. A friend of mine had the GameCube iteration that I ended up addicted to (to the point where I bought my own copy when I got the chance.) I’ve been following the series closely ever since. When Nintendo announced they were making a new WarioWare game for the Switch, I couldn’t help but keep my eye out for it. I played most of the other WarioWare games, so Get it Together looked to be right up my alley. Does WarioWare on the Switch get it together?

WarioWare Get It Together title screen

Wario and his friends at WarioWare did it! They finished their newest game! With bated breath, everyone gathers around to see the final product. Wario picks up the game system, and… fails to turn it on. Wario, who is not a patient man, throws the game on the ground. Suddenly, the game starts acting up. It turns on, only to zap Wario and company with a weird video game-izing beam. That’s not all; the beam also pulls our plucky band of game developers into the video game world. Can Wario and friends figure out what caused this weirdness with their new game and get out safely?

WarioWare’s story has always been quirky, and Get it Together is no exception. Those returning to the series will feel right at home with Get It Together’s eccentric plot. Those new to the series might get confused by the oddities of the world of WarioWare. Heck, most of the series veterans don’t know what’s going on either. In all honesty, though, the plot doesn’t matter. If the weird storytelling is too much for players, they can skim it without feeling like they missed something crucial.

WarioWare Get It Together perfection
All hail the might of Celestial Wario!

Having played several past entries in the WarioWare series, I expected some wacky visuals. While some microgames are strange in concept (I don’t understand this series’ obsession with noses),  Get It Together is light on the bizarre this time around. Visually speaking, it is the most adorable WarioWare game in the series. The characters look so cute in their miniature form. I’ve always enjoyed WarioWare’s visual style because of how unabashedly weird it is. Get It Together manages to be simultaneously bizarre and cute.

WarioWare Get It Together cute ensemble of characters
I find all of the characters so cute!

In my last point, I mentioned something called a “microgame.” While most minigames can last anywhere from thirty seconds to a minute, WarioWare’s microgames last ten seconds maximum. The challenge with these microgames is the lack of instructions given by the game (i.e., one word in most cases). Recent WarioWare games are more obvious to figure out, but the player still has to be on their toes so that they don’t get caught by surprise.

The fast-paced game presentation is what kept me hooked to the WarioWare series. I see figuring out the microgames within a minuscule amount of time as a satisfying challenge. Get It Together keeps it fresh by its large selection of characters. Each character plays differently from the others. Wario, for example, can fly anywhere around the screen and has his trusty shoulder bash attack but has short reach compared to a lot of the other characters. 18-Volt (a character the player recruits early in the game) can shoot but can’t move. Mastering each character’s moves is vital to succeeding in WarioWare Get It Together.

WarioWare Get It Together fast gameplay
The game can get so fast that the player only has a split second to react!

It wouldn’t be WarioWare without tons of unlockable goodies. Along with earning coins, the player will open more story stages, games, and interesting tidbits as they progress through Get It Together. The cash that the player makes can be used to buy presents for the characters. Giving gifts to the characters will allow the player to customize the character’s colors or give them different sound effects (some of which are hilarious.) 

WarioWare Get It Together extra games
Tons of side games too! The entire game is playable with up to two players, and some of the games can play up to four.

As much as I give praise to WarioWare Get It Together, there are a few things that my readers should know before diving into the weird world of WarioWare.

First, as I mentioned in my intro, the game is short. If the player wanted to, they could beat the story mode in one sitting. This includes the additional post-story stages that the player gets when they finish the main story. I don’t mind Get It Together’s shortness as it gives me precisely the right amount of game I need, and it is easy to put down or pick back up. Still, if the player is looking for a lengthy play session, Get It Together will more than likely disappoint in this aspect.

My second gripe with Get It Together is that the player only gains the ability to buy presents after beating the campaign. While this isn’t a deal-breaker by any means, it does strike me as odd that such a neat feature is locked behind the story mode. It might be so that the player can get the chance to collect enough coins to buy a whole lot of presents once they unlock the ability to do so, but I kept wondering what the coins were for until I could buy presents.

One final thing to note from WarioWare Get It Together is that some people might be put off by the crass humor of some of the microgames. I always thought WarioWare was hilarious, but other people might look at the game and wonder: “Why did I have to shove Wario inside a giant nose?” Those who thought that last sentence was odd should think twice before purchasing Get It Together.

For the last time Wario, there is no actual gold in someone’s nose!

I had tons of fun with WarioWare Get It Together despite its short length. Tons of goodies, games, fun characters, customization options (after the primary campaign), and wacky humor make WarioWare Get It Together a fun party game to play by oneself or with friends (so long as they don’t mind the fast-paced weirdness.)

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