The Implementation of Ads to the Site.

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Hello everyone.

The first announcement that I’d like to make is about how grateful and appreciative I am of the beautiful year the site’s had in 2020. I was hoping to get a fair amount of views by the end of the year, but I was never expecting 21,000, which is insane to me! Thank you all so much!

This leads me to my second announcement. Over the last few months, I’ve been contemplating the best way to begin monetizing the site. This means, starting now, you will start to see ads on the site. For full transparency’s sake, I was trying to find the best moment to implement ads since the early days of the site’s inception, and I think it’s finally time to do so. I expect some push back on this front, but the income earned from the ads will undoubtedly help with site upkeep.

I’m making this as an announcement first, rather than just implementing ads, because I want to be transparent and let my audience know when significant (intended) changes are coming to the site. If there are issues with how the ads are implemented, please let me know and I will do my best to correct the issue.

Thank you all again for reading my reviews and the support you all gave me this past year. Writing this is a lot of fun and allows me to express myself creatively and in a provoking way. Thank you all, and here’s to another great year!



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