’s 2020 Game of the Year Award.


Welcome everybody to’s first annual Game of the Year award! As the site was just starting last year, we opted to start this year instead. To qualify:

  • We have to have played the game.
  • It needed to have been released on one platform in North America this year.

Thus, without further delay, here are our nominees for 2020’s Game of the Year Award.

Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Animal Crossing New Horizon

To say that Animal Crossing New Horizons released at the perfect time would be an understatement. From our end, we went into full lockdown maybe a week after the game’s release, giving us plenty of time with the game. In a time where going outside was perilous, a life simulator where the player gets to interact with other island dwellers and other players would be a recipe for success, and boy howdy did it succeed.

Currently, Animal Crossing New Horizons is the second best selling game on the Nintendo Switch at 26.04 million units sold (falling only behind Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s 28.99 million). On social media, Animal Crossing continues to be a widely discussed game. In our friend group, everybody was playing it. I even heard stories of a few celebrities playing it too.

Those are the reasons why it gets the nomination for Game of the Year. Animal Crossing New Horizons was a game that a lot of people needed to help keep themselves sane. It arrived at precisely the right time to giving people a means to communicate with each other, assisting them in maintaining a steady routine, and providing something for people to do as they wait for the world to calm down. My girlfriend and I were really into Animal Crossing New Horizons for at least a month (in my case). It’s a nice, relaxing game with excellent foresight.

Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima

This is the second year in a row that we get a high-quality samurai/ninja game, and I am all for it. When Ghost of Tsushima’s announcement came a few years ago, I thought it looked alright. With how hectic 2020 was, I forgot about it until a week before release. I saw gameplay screenshots that looked jaw-droppingly beautiful and heard about how much love the developers put into the game. By this point, I had to get Ghost of Tsushima.

What greeted me was a stunning game with incredible graphics, excellent gameplay, and so much Japanese goodness that it made me curious about Tsushima’s history and influenced my newfound appreciation of haiku.

I’m not the only one who thought this, as many people nominated it as their Game of the Year, pitting it against the other Playstation 4 monster hit, The Last of Us Part 2. We decided to put Ghost of Tsushima here since we didn’t get a chance to play The Last of Us Part 2, and Ghost of Tsushima is more our kind of game. 



I could not make a game of the year list without including Hades. While it was out as Early Access on Steam, it was officially released in 2020, thus qualifying it for our list. Watching a Youtuber playing the game got me to pick up the game, and I have had no regrets since.

Gorgeous visuals, exciting gameplay, charming characters, this game has it all. Sure, it is a little on the difficult side, but that got us coming back to Hades. That feeling of “just one more run” is strong with this one. 

Hades is also the indie darling on social media. People still sing Hades’ praises, and I still see fan art all around Twitter. I am very happy for the Supergiant Games for their success with Hades, as they deserve it for making such an excellent game.

Honorable mentions

Phantasy Star Online 2

Phantasy Star Online 2

While the Japanese version of the game came out in 2012, the North American version only came out in 2020. Thus it would have qualified for the list. I had to put PSO2 as an honorable mention, at least. Despite objectively being quite flawed, it is still my favorite MMORPG that I still play religiously to this day. Unlike other MMOs, PSO2 is action-packed and has a fantastic setting. It is a shame that the story isn’t spectacular, and the graphics are outdated by today’s standards. For those reasons, it falls under an honorable mention.

It’s now time to announce the winner! Drum roll, please!

And the winner for’s 2020 Game of the Year awards is…


Here’s my reasoning: Animal Crossing New Horizons made a significant impact on many people in 2020, but other than that, it failed to hold my interest for very long. I was anticipating playing this game for a very long time. It turned out it only took me a few weeks before dropping the game and looking for other games to keep my interest. I did jump back in when my friends and I made a group to help each other out, but when we got everything… Animal Crossing New Horizons stopped being appealing. 

I thought about whether to give my Game of the Year Award to Ghost of Tsushima or Hades for a month; it was not an easy choice. I’m giving the Game of the Year award to Hades this year because it came down to a personal preference of “which game would I like to be playing right now?” Ghost of Tsushima is a magnificent game with a ton of love and care put into it. I could say the same thing about Hades, but Hades has a way of pulling me back in. While I think about Ghost of Tsushima quite a bit, Hades always lingers at the back of my mind, tantalizing me into playing a run… or two.

That was our pick for Game of the Year. What was yours? Be sure to leave a comment down below on what games you’ve played in 2020 that you think deserve recognition!


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